About Us...

In November of 2022, we launched our revolutionary LMS (LearningManagement System) ZebraU, at www.zebrau.com. This initial module is designed to train and support new soccer referees to officiate amateur sports games through a dynamic combination of video, written content, and review examinations. ZabraU was built on the leading LMS platform, Kajabi, and is now available for purchase through three affordable subscription offerings. 


ZabraU is a brand extension of Herd of Zebras, committed to solving the amateur sports referee shortage. For six years, Herd of Zebras has been connecting sports leagues and referees but with the resurgence of amateur sports post-pandemic, the referee shortage has grown in severity making it increasingly more difficult to fill the demands for officials from our league and tournament users. 


ZebraU allows us to recruit and train referees in each local market we serve to fully meet growing demands in the industry. ZabraU Soccer is now live in Colorado, Florida, and Texas and will continue to roll-out to new markets in the coming months. It also opens up a new platform for side-hustle workers to make more money officiating the sports they love.